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Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd
Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd

Formwork & Scaffolding Related Products for Your Construction by Teconform

TECON has been working in the field of formwork and scaffolding engineering for many years and is continually developing new products.

We have devoted ourselves, as a company, to formwork and scaffolding engineering over the past ten years. With our expert Research and Development team, we continuously work to improve and innovate, increasing our already well-established and popular product lines.

  • TECON has devoted itself to formwork & scaffolding engineering for years and continually dedicates itself to new product research & development. Our product line covers various formwork and scaffolding systems, scaffolding, façade protection, and formwork accessories. 

  • We offer different types of formwork and scaffolding systems from wall formwork, column formwork, formwork for beam and slab, and climbing formwork, single side formwork, etc. These can be widely used in residential & commercial buildings and civil engineering projects such as concrete tanks, airports, metro stations, fly-over roads, dams, and even nuclear power plants. 

  • We also supply scaffolding for shoring, access, and facade work platforms with well-engineered shop drawings and calculation sheets, including patented Heavy-Duty Shoring Tower ST60 (60KN workload/leg), Ringlock system, V shore frame, and Walkthrough frame, etc. 

  • We have introduced four kinds of façade protection systems into site applications, including Protection Screen, Self-Climbing Platform SCP, Self-Climbing Platform SCP LITE, as well as a handrail clamp system erected on the edge of a concrete slab shuttering. 

  • Different kinds of formwork components are also available for add-on purchases, such as steel prop, TECON-Form plywood, H20 timber beam, wall tie system, etc.


Other Construction products needed

Cost-effective frame and ringlock scaffolding systems for many applications on restoration, industrial and construction sites. They include facade protection, scaffolding and formwork accessories.
Tecon-Form covers all scaffolding and formwork requirements. This allows us to offer a complete equipment solution for each project.

Four Reasons To Choose Us

TECON also offers OEM fabrication service for any accessory with drawing or sample from formwork and scaffolding companies outside China.

  • About TECON
    We help our clients choose the most suitable formwork and scaffolding with specific solutions among all TECON products lines.
    About TECON
  • About TECON
    Our management team has more than ten years of experience in the formwork industry by participating in various projects.
    About TECON
  • About TECON
    As the leading formwork brand in China, our materials are proven to maintain reliable performance due to their excellent quality in every detailed aspect.
    About TECON
  • About TECON
    We provide on-site supervision according to the client’s request to teach the site team know-how on installation, operation and maintenance.
    About TECON
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