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Different Types of Formwork Shuttering Systems

TECON offers different types of concrete formwork shuttering systems in construction from framed panels in steel or aluminum to H20 girder and even plastic, for residential & commercial buildings, and civil engineering projects.


TECON has types of formwork systems, such as climbing formwork system, crane lifted type (jump formwork), crane-independent type(automatic climbing or self-climbing formwork), and TECON patented multi-function climbing formwork, etc.

Despite the above system, TECON also has different types of concrete formwork for sale, such as Single side formwork, Dam formwork, Tunnel formwork, etc. with different engineered solutions ready to offer.

With their corresponding specification, cost and site productivity, etc., you can always find one system among them which suits your own project, from residential and commercial buildings to civil engineering projects such as concrete tanks, airport, metro station, fly-over road, dam, and even nuclear power plant.

Formwork Shuttering Systems FAQs

  • Q
    Why is formwork necessary?

    The use of formwork is very necessary in the process of building construction. There are many types of formwork, which are crucial when building. It is easy to have building parts of different designs, such as stairs, walls, and floors with the formwork.

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    What is the purpose and use of the formwork in construction?

    Formwork is used as a mold for concrete structural components, unless the mold is provided by soil, other structural components, etc. It will be at this stage of the usually viscous placement of fresh concrete molded into the shape specified in the drawing.

Four Reasons To Choose Us

TECON also offers OEM fabrication service for any kind of accessory with drawing or sample from formwork and scaffolding company outside China.

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    We help our clients to choose the most suitable formwork and scaffolding with specific solution among all TECON products line.
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    Our management team have more than 10 years of experience in formwork industry, by participated in various kind of projects.
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    As the leading formwork brand in China, our materials are proven to maintain reliable performance due to their excellent quality on every detailed aspect.
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    We provide on-site supervision according to client’s request, to teach the site team know-how on installation, operation and maintenance.
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