Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd

Best Formwork & Scaffolding Slolutions for Construction Areas

Due to the vigorous development of the world economy, more and more infrastructure and high-rise buildings are erecting worldwide. At the core of our company are the development and production of residential and commercial area formwork, bridge formwork, tunnel formwork and LNG & water tank formwork etc. TECON Formwork is widely used in all industries and brings great convenience to and cost saving to project sites.

Formwork Solutions in Various Construction Areas

We have rich experience in the manufacture and design of formworks. Nowadays, even facing the tallest buildings and the most complicated structures, we could also deal with composure. As a reliable partner, we will always provide customers with innovative products and services.

  • Residential & Commercial Formwork Residential & Commercial Formwork
    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, there are higher requirements for commercial centers and residential buildings. TECON formworks will help you build ideal home, office and shopping center faster and more efficiently.
  • High Rise Formwork High Rise Formwork
    Featured by the simplicity of use, optimum productivity and super finished project quality, TECON provides the construction of high rise buildings with automatic climbing technology for both forming and protection.
  • Modular Houses Modular Houses
    Modular House Formwork, usually applied to different occassions, is mainly made up of steel, aluminium and plastic. With quick removal and assembly technology, building efficiency will be greatly optimized based on your modular sizes of houses.
  • Bridge Formwork Bridge Formwork
    TECON bridge formwork is of good performance in formwork removal, good replaceability, easy in adjustment. Different sizes can be customized based on specific requirements wherever in bridge pier, pylon or box girder area.
  • Dam Formwork Dam Formwork
    Water retaining structures are to intercept flood peaks, generating electricity and regulate water storage with the best utilization of water and other elements. TECON dam formwork will ensure a watertight execution over the long term with high load capacity without tie rod to pull through concrete structure.
  • Tunnel Formwork Tunnel Formwork
    Tunnel projects are essential around the globe and also quite complex due to its high requirements for flexibility and creativity, with which TECON is able to make proficient and economic implementations of tunnel structures.
  • LNG & Water Tank Formwork LNG & Water Tank Formwork
    TECON formworks are also suitable for casting water tanks and industrial containers, including storage of flammable and explosive liquid gases. In the course of construction, TECON will closely calculate and observe the project to meet the standard of qualified storage.
  • Scaffolding Solutions Scaffolding Solutions
    TECON scaffoldings are ideal for daily site activities like reinforcing, shuttering and concreting. Thanks to its high stability and safety, work performance increases in almost all kinds of working areas.