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Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd
Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd

Residential & Commercial Formwork

For multi-storey buildings both residential and commercial, reasonable design and cost savings are crucial factors. For each building, we provide the most suitable formwork solution. You could ask us about the solution to your next project. Most functional high-rise or low-rise buildings have regular shapes and repetitive geometric figures. The short cycle construction is feasible because of the selected correct types of formwork systems and the obtained optimum on-site support, including ceiling formwork, concrete floor formwork, etc.

The Advantages of TECON Residential & Commercial Formwork

TECON residential and commercial formwork solutions are always oriented to the interests of customers, and build all the structures that customers need on the basis of safety, speed, and economy. We always adhere to three principles: Solid solutions for a solid base, flexible solutions for varying room heights, and using efficient solutions to gain height faster. Whether you are looking for lightweight or crane-assist formwork, we can satisfy you with different cost ranges.

Affordable & High Residential & Commercial Formwork Solution

TECON is firmly committed to providing you with real added value when developing the formwork concept that best suits your situation. These added values will be reflected in the optimal construction process, cost control, and high level of site safety.

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