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Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd
Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd

High Rise Formwork

Safety is the first necessity of high-rise projects and TECON takes safety as its first priority. We not only focus on ensuring project quality, but also pay great attention to the personal safety of laborers.  Hence with a think-tank in TECON technical team and cutting-edge technology in producing different types of formwork, we are able to give birth to TECON sophisticated self-climbing and climbing formworks, as well as facade protection, all with fully closed multi-platforms.

The Advantages of Teconform High Rise Formwork

All TECON formwork for high rise building offers construction sites steady & high-safety progress during self-climbing via hydraulic cylinders or other power units. All TECON climbing brackets can be rescheduled together with right size shuttering in order to fit any size and shape highrise buildings without worry about its reuse and cost.

Reliable embedded anchor system and multi-platform with facade protection maximize the safety and convenience during climbing and work status. 

Affordable & High Rise Formwork Solution

TECON self-climbing formwork TSC50/100, Multi-purpose climbing formwork MB180, Jump formwork CB240, Protection screen, and Self-climbing platform lead to the full range of forming and protection solutions for highrise buildings, among whom you may definitely find the most suitable one to fit your project budget and requirement.

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