Column Formwork

TECON Column formwork system mainly includes Adjustable Steel Frame Column Formwork, Portable Column Formwork, BASE 20 Column Formwork, Plastic Round Column Formwork, Plastic Adjustable Column Formwork.

They can fabricate different kind of columns at different heights and diameters.

Why Choose Column Formwork

The design of the column formwork should be able to withstand the high pressure of fresh concrete, because the relatively small cross-section requires rapid pouring of concrete. Therefore, it is especially necessary to seal the joint very carefully and tightly.

The cross-section and height can be adjusted quickly and easily with minimum effort and the minimum number of system components, which is an important criterion for determining the cost-effectiveness of the column formwork system. In addition, it is usually necessary to build a large number of chromatographic columns with the same cross section, so these systems need to be quickly transported to the next place of use without any assembly work. In addition, TECON has developed a system solution that utilizes the column formwork system solution to meet the high requirements that often occur on concrete surfaces, the uniformity of corners or sharp edges.

Types of Column Formwork
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