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Dam Formwork

Dam formation works to form side-by-side construction projects like dams, river barriers, river power stations, or unformed towers. The bracket transfers all pouring load to the previous pouring section. TECON Dam formwork systems will promote economic adaptation to a variety of project-specific block dimensions.

The Advantages of Teconform Dam Formwork

Use the same formwork to start blocks and regular cycles and form efficiently. The economic standard solution that blocks height due to optimized bracket climbing. Safe working conditions are critical and safe for the structure due to heavy load suspension and embedded anchorage in the concrete.

Affordable Dam Formwork Solution

The TECON dam formwork has a short load-bearing period due to the rapid lifting of the tower and the molding of the complete set of units. Selections will be made based on a random combination of frames, walls, or steel frames.

Because the trapezoidal system can be integrated, it can safely climb and drop between platforms. Fast construction progress, engineering solutions, and safe working conditions are the three main elements we are pursuing.

Dam Formwork Dam Formwork
Dam Formwork DB180/240 Dam Formwork DB180/240
TECON Dam Formwork TECON Dam Formwork
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