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Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd
Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd
Formwork Related Products
Our experienced technical team can tailor different engineered solutions according to your structural drawings, from typical residential & commercial formwork to various civil engineering projects such as dams, bridge pylon and tunnels and more.
Architectural projects with special requirements for customized solutions and unique designs. TECON are proud to provide Special Formwork Engineering and Design for valuable customers over the world.
Coal Storage
Region: Taiwan
Project Name:Coal Storage
System formwork:Rail-guided climbing formwork
Metro Station
TECON Single-Sided Formwork is a unique design system formwork widely used in single side wall pouring projects, such as the basement, metro station, water tank etc... The maximum pouring height can reach up to 8 meters by its strong but versatile support brackets.
Silo Tank
Country:Sri Lanka
Project Name:Silo tank
System formwork: Slip formwork
Shanghai Yangzte Bridge
Country:Shanghai, China
Project Name:Shanghai Yangzte Bridge
System formwork:Self-climbing formwork
* In cooperation with Doka China
Region: Indonesia
Project Name:Power House
System formwork:Dam formwork, table formwork, ST60
Region: Singapore
System formwork:Alumi Frame formwork
ITC Colombo One Hotel & Residences
TECON Slab Table Formwork is one of the most efficient and convenient system for floor work, it can cast large area floors within a very short time.
Slab Flex 20 Formwork, Guatemala
Slab Flex 20 Formwork, Guatemala
System formwork:Slab Flex 20
National Immigration Office
Project Name:National Immigration Office
System formwork:Climbing formwork
Queens Peak
Country: Singapore
Project Name:Queens Peak
System formwork:Climbing formwork; Self-climbing Platform SCP
Diamond Twin Tower
Country: Cambodia
Project Name:Diamond Twin Tower
System formwork:Slab Table formwork
Yujing Center
Country:Dalian, China
Project Name: *Yujing Center
System formwork:Self-climbing formwork
Olympia City
Country: Cambodia
Project Name: Olympia City
System formwork:Slab Flex formwork
Jamaica Shopping Center
Contractor: Chins Construction
System formwork:Slab Table formwork – Aluminium beam
Jinying Shopping Center
Project Name: *Jinying Shopping Center
System formwork:Self-climbing formwork
Sheraton Apple One
Slab Flex 20 Formwork is the most flexible slab formwork, mainly consisting of plywood, H20 timber beam, and shoring.
Bearing Capacity Test, Germany
Bearing Capacity Test, Germany
System formwork:Plastic Formwork TP60+
Sea Shore Villa
Project:Sea Shore Villa
System Formwork:Plastic Formwork TP60
Housing Project
Project Name:Housing project
System formwork:Slab Flex formwork
Country: UAE
Project Name:Apartment
System formwork: Slab Table formwork
Housing in Mauritius
Region: Mauritius
System formwork: Flex 20 Formwork
Housing in Phillipine
Region: Philippine
System Formwork: Plastic Formwork TP60
Housing in UAE
Syetem Formwork: Plastic Formwork TP60
The leading formwork brand in China
TECON Formwork & Scaffolding Engineering.The leading formwork brand in China. As the specialist in formwork & scaffolding engineering area, we provide reliable products & in-time services for our customers in the construction industry worldwide. We have a wide range of product lines covering climbing formwork, wall formwork, slab formwork, column formwork, beam formwork, shoring towers and all kinds of scaffoldings. Read More
    We help our clients choose the most suitable formwork and scaffolding with specific solutions among all TECON products line.
    Our management team has more than ten years of experience in the formwork industry by participating in various projects.
    As the leading formwork brand in China, our materials are proven to maintain reliable performance due to their excellent quality in every detailed aspect.
    We provide on-site supervision according to the client's request to teach the site team know-how on installation, operation and maintenance.
Our Service
From budget to project completion, TECON is always with you.
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