Aluminium Formwork

TECON Aluminium Alloy formwork includes Alumi Frame Wall Formwork, Aluflex Slab Formwork, Alugrid Slab Formwork, Aludeck Slab Formwork and AluLITE Formwork.

All those formwork are fabricated completely by aluminium alloy. For some framed system, they are lined with TECON-Form Birch or Plas-tech shuttering as well in order to achieve more reuses time.

Compared with steel formwork, formwork panels made from aluminum alloy ensures much lighter weight, thus all of them can be handled by manual without crane lift. Due to their light weight, it increases site efficiency greatly.

Advantages of Aluminum Formwork

The aluminum formwork system is a building system used to form cast-in-place concrete structures of buildings. This formwork is made of aluminum alloy, which has high tensile strength and is very hard. Aluminum does not rust like steel. Therefore, the aluminum formwork can be reused hundreds of times. Lightweight aluminum is easy to handle, quick to operate, and due to its rapid construction, it is highly adaptable and highly cost-effective. It is different because it completely conforms to the architect's design and constitutes all the concrete in the building, including walls, floors, columns, beams, stairs, window coverings, balconies, and various decorative features. The dimensional accuracy of concrete products can also ensure the consistency of doors and windows.

The aluminum formwork system allows pouring walls and floors in the same operation. Not only does it improve efficiency, but it also produces an exceptionally strong structure with an excellent concrete finish. Since good tolerances are achieved in the processed metal formwork components, consistent concrete shape, and finish is obtained layer by layer.

Types of Aluminium Formwork
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