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LNG & Water Tank Formwork

Among the different options for LNG, water tank, or power station construction, there is one goal at the top of the list: to reserve water, store, or generate energy as soon as possible. While goals are extremely simple to set, solutions to achieve them are equally challenging. In addition to the diversity of geological and topographical conditions, other major challenges include specific provisions for specific and perfectly coordinated times for different steps and supplier companies.

The Advantages of LNG & Water Tank Formwork

Project-specific design implementation reliability where for non-tie wall structure curve wall structure etc.. Cost determination thanks to TECON competitive materials and well-engineered planning. Work quickly and efficiently with optimized molding solutions by pre-fabricated steel waler in the factory and customized shaping wood on site. Comprehensive workplace safety with compatible work platforms under TECON site engineer's supervision.

Affordable LNG & Water Tank Formwork Solution

BASE 20 formwork, HETO Frame formwork, Jump formwork CB240, scaffolding system for both façade platform and shoring support are all ready to be applied in order to deliver success for your project. 

LNG & Water Tank Formwork LNG & Water Tank Formwork
LNG Tank Formwork LNG Tank Formwork
Water Tank Formwork Water Tank Formwork
Tank Formwork Tank Formwork
TECON LNG & Water Tank Formwork TECON LNG & Water Tank Formwork
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