Wall Formwork

TECON Wall formwork system mainly includes BASE 20 Wall Formwork, HETO Frame Wall Formwork, Alumi Frame Wall Formwork, Single Side Wall Formwork.

For the three systems in modular formwork part, they can also fabricate wall, and are even more user-friendly due to handset function. They are portable Formwork, Plastic Formwork TP60 and Alu-lite Formwork.

Why Choose Wall Formwork

The wall formwork originally consisted of the frame and accessories. This results in a modular system with a wide range of applications and a longer service life and universal and high efficient for walls in medium to big scale projects under crane assistance.

It can be adjusted individually to adapt to complex shapes and high loads. Generally, as long as the frame wall formwork is used, the building concrete structure with high requirements on the surface and the anchoring pattern can be effectively realized.

Types of Wall Formwork
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