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Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd
Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd

Modular Houses

A modular house formwork is a designated formwork, universally used for wall, slab, and column concreting, especially developed standard and fast connection for efficiently and easily erection by hands. 

The Advantages of Teconform Modular House Formwork

With lightweight steel formwork, aluminum formwork, plastic formwork on site, industrial crane is optional.

Standard connection design and quick assembly and dismantle is possible.

Fully customized panel size or modular size to meet project requirements, commonly used for wall, slab, and column with one-time cast or two times.  also for the staircase if necessary.

Long service life up to 100-300 reuse times.

Affordable & Modular House Formwork Formwork Solution

TECON modular house formwork, basically offers three options, Plastic formwork TP60, Handset metal formwork, and AluLITE aluminum formwork, which is a comprehensive and versatile handset system, with which projects will be fast-moving and cost-saving. TECON has been engaged in developing innovative systematic formworks for 8 years and modular house formwork is one of the successful works.

  • Plastic Formwork TP60

    Plastic Formwork TP60

    TECON Plastic formwork TP60 is recognized as the lightest formwork system due to its mediu...
  • Steel Formwork

    Steel Formwork

    TECON Steel formwork mainly contains Steel LITE Formwork, HETO Frame Wall Formwork, Steel ...
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  • Security Measures When Using Table Formwork

    Security Measures When Using Table Formwork

    (1) It is best to perform a pressure test for assembled table form units.(2) After the platform mold is in place, a guardrail should be set on the outside of the platform mold. The height can be deter...
  • Method of Stripping Aluminium Formwork

    Method of Stripping Aluminium Formwork

    1.Before stripping aluminium formwork, The general contractor should sign on the approval form for early dismantling of aluminum formwork.2.Dismantle the hanging formwork and all the iron boxes, such ...
  • What do you want to know about Column Formwork in construction?

    The design of the column formwork should be able to accommodate relatively high fresh concrete pressures, as comparatively small sections can be concreted fast. Column formwork consists of panel formw...