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Modular Formwork

TECON Modular Formwork mainly consists of AluLITE Formwork, Steel LITE Formwork and Plastic Formwork TP60+.

For any villa project, low cost housing project, especially with hundreds of or thousands of houses at same plan and size, modular formwork can maximize the site productivity and save labor cost greatly.

In some occasions, even compare with conventional building method such as bricks and concrete hollow blocks etc., build with rebar and concrete via modular formwork will still benefit you from lead time and total cost per house though the initial investment seems higher than traditional bricks and timbers.

Modular Formwork can not only build wall and slab separately, but also build wall and slab together in one time pour with customized formwork planning and fabrication. Very timber and even no skilled workers are needed due to their easy to learn assembly sequence.

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