Self-Climbing Platform SCP


TECON Self-climbing Platform SCP is a full sealed climbing facade operation platform and protection system, extremely improve high-rise project construction efficiency and safety. Most importantly, self climbing platform can climb by itself rapidly without crane lift.

Feature of Self-Climbing Platform SCP

High-efficiency self-climbing system without crane lift

Less weather effect depends on full sealed outer protection

Neat and costing saving tower facade protection

Adapt to different geometry plan and floor height via customized planning

Multiple utilizing in structural concreting, plastering, painting, etc.

Specification of Self-Climbing Platform SCP

Trustful safety by double embedding anchor system and climbing shoe

Reutilization rate up to 90% from a different project

Platform height: 3 to 5 times of storey height / 12m to 18m

Platform width: 0.8m

Climbing speed per floor: around 0.5 hour

Carrying capacity of the operation layer:

Simultaneous operation of 2 steps:3 kN per cub-meter

Simultaneous operation of 3 steps:2 kN per cub-meter

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    1. How to get a quotation?

    You can send us your material list to request for a quotation, or you can also simply send us the structural drawing and project information for complete formwork & scaffolding proposal via below contacts.


    Phone: +86-512-65650586

    Mobile: +86-13862020161.

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    2. What is the payment term?

    By T/T or L/C.

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    3. What is the lead time?

    For climbing formwork, self-climbing platform, plastic formwork we have stock in our warehouse. The preparation of loading will be within 10 to 15 days.

    For H20 timber beam, TECON-Form Shuttering, the lead time is from 15 to 25 days.

    For other system, the lead time is from 30 to 45 days.

    For more accurate lead time, please contact us for specific product based on your quantity.

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