Aluminium I Beam


TECON Aluminium Beam is developed in eight types of H beam which can be used as main beam and secondary beam during construction. High strength and light weight make aluminium beam gets more and more popular in multiple projects.

Features of Aluminium I Beam

  • Higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel or wood

  • Long life service and light weight

  • Multiple applications in most of system formwork

  • Wood or rubber filler ensures compatible with plywood

Specification of Aluminium I Beam

SectionDescriptionSizeMaterialUnit weight
Aluminum Beam T114Aluminum Beam T114Width:85mm; Height:114mm6005-T5/6061-T52.6
Aluminum Beam T120Aluminum Beam T120Width:85mm; Height:120mm6005-T5/6061-T52.9
Aluminum Beam T123Aluminum Beam T123Top Width:60mm; Bottom: Width:75mm Height:123mm6005-T5/6061-T52.5
Aluminum Beam T140Aluminum Beam T140Top Width:65mm; Bottom: Width:85mm Height:140mm6005-T5/6061-T53.3
Aluminum Beam T150Aluminum Beam T150Width: 90mm; Height:150mm6005-T5/6061-T54.4
Aluminum Beam T165Aluminum Beam T165Top Width: 81mm; Bottom: Width:127mm Height:165mm6005-T5/6061-T54.5
Aluminum Beam T200Aluminum Beam T200Width:76mm; Height:200mm6005-T5/6061-T55.1
Aluminum Beam T225Aluminum Beam T225Width:100mm; Height:165mm6005-T5/6061-T58.3

Application of Aluminium I Beam

As main and secondary girder of shear wall, slab and column formwork

Related Product of Aluminium I Beam

H20 timber beam, TECON-Formwork Film Faced Plywood, Heavy Duty Steel Prop

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    1. How to get a quotation?

    You can send us your material list to request for a quotation, or you can also simply send us the structural drawing and project information for complete formwork & scaffolding proposal via below contacts.


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    2. What is the payment term?

    By T/T or L/C.

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    3. What is the lead time?

    For climbing formwork, self-climbing platform, plastic formwork we have stock in our warehouse. The preparation of loading will be within 10 to 15 days.

    For H20 timber beam, TECON-Form Shuttering, the lead time is from 15 to 25 days.

    For other system, the lead time is from 30 to 45 days.

    For more accurate lead time, please contact us for specific product based on your quantity.

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