Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd

Diamond Twin Tower

Country: Cambodia

Project Name:Diamond Twin Tower

System formwork:Slab Table formwork

Table Formwork for Slab Table Formwork for Slab
Table Form Formwork Table Form Formwork
  • Slab Table Formwork

    Slab Table Formwork

    TECON Slab table formwork is one of the most efficient slab shuttering solution, especiall...


    Exhibition Name: EXPO CIHACLaunch time: October 15 to October 19Exhibitor: Technical Engineer and Project Manager responsible for this businessBusiness background:With the city’s renewal and people’...
  • Application and Characteristics of Scaffolding

    Application and Characteristics of Scaffolding

    Scaffolding refers to the various supports erected on the construction site to facilitate workers to operate and solve vertical and horizontal transportation. The general term for scaffolding in the c...
  • TECON's Market Visit

    TECON's Market Visit

    In mid-August of 2019, our sales director Edgar and country manager (Philippines) Brian made a successful visit in Philippines.During those days visiting, TECON flied cross Philippines, from Manila to...