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Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd
Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd

Overcoming Unique One-Sided Research and Development Challenges, Indonesian Hydropower Project Successfully Meets Customer Requirements

The project is situated on the resource-rich and promising Indonesian island of Medan. However, due to its distinctive geographical environment and technical demands, the project encounters a series of obstacles. One major challenge lies in achieving specialized one-sided research and development (R&D), which necessitates technology departments to rely on limited data and maintain timely communication throughout the design and development process.


Nevertheless, TECON's technical department leverages its extensive experience and expertise to employ innovative methods and technical means that ensure smooth progress of the project while meeting customer requirements. This accomplishment not only showcases TECON's proficiency in formwork scaffolding but also establishes a solid foundation for future project developments.



Before proceeding to the second phase, common materials usage as well as more complex material calculations need to be considered by the project. These requirements place greater demands on technology departments, requiring them to meticulously consider material properties during the design and development process. Nonetheless, with their exceptional performance as a professional team, TECON's technical department effectively resolves this issue.



TECON's successful breakthrough in Indonesia's Medan project holds significant implications not only for the construction sector within the region but also serves as an exemplary model for further advancements in formwork scaffolding by our company. By overcoming challenges associated with unique one-sided research and development hurdles, TECON demonstrates its expertise and technical capabilities in construction worldwide.


We take pride in our team's achievements thus far while eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. We firmly believe that through continuous efforts, TECON will continue to shine in the formwork and scaffolding field, bringing more opportunities and development to the construction industry in Indonesia, and contributing to the progress of the global construction field.