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Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd

The Future of Design and Construction Visualization

As the developing of the technology, the architectural, engineering, and construction start to adopt virtual and argument reality technology which is essential to take notice. The emergence of virtual reality is producing a new generation of architects and designers. As the New Times stated that real-time 3D will likely be extensively used in the building industry. And the following will discuss how the virtual reality is utilized in future construction industry.


Creating prototyoes

Architects can accelerate the process of transforming CAD models into photo-realistic representations and augmented reality environments using VR. This is particularly advantageous as it allows for faster translation of 3D building models from screen to reality. By providing immediate access to virtual models for all project members, turnaround times are accelerated, and the design process is streamlined.


Real-time project visualization

Using virtual reality, we are able to show prospective buyers a precise representations of their project in a real-world setting, providing an accurate preview of what will be constructed at their project site. Clients can examine the model from various angels with any devices, like a smartphone,iPad, or pair of mixed-reality glasses.


Online Tours

If you cannot physically visit the construction site, VR provides virtual tours as an alternative option. Architects can create a guided tour that allows clients to navigate easily and precisely. This is great for construction company to explain the overall structure, assembly process or any statistic related information.


As discussed, the architectural and construction industries have a huge opportunity ahead of them in terms of how they design and build in the physical world. Investing in these technology is the great way to differentiate a business and gain a competitive edge in the industry. However, there is a downside to that. In some respects, it brings convenience while reducing communication between people.