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Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd
Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd

2019 National Construction Wood Formwork and Climbing Platform Construction Technology Exchange Conference Held in Zhengzhou on 26th-28th May

Organizer: China Formwork and Scaffolding Association Wood Formwork Professional Committee, Climbing Professional Committee

Co-organizers: China Construction Co., Ltd. Technology Center, DOKA/Austria, WISA/UPCO Huichuan Wood Co., Ltd., Langfang Xingshan Wood Co., Ltd., Ganri Safety Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinghe Formwork Scaffolding Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhongmoyun (Tianjin) Building Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

Participant exchanges new technologies, new achievements and new experiences in the field of wood formwork and climbing platform in China in-depth, this conference providing a platform for close contact with benchmarking enterprises, key projects, demonstration projects and classic cases at home and abroad.

Main Contents:
1. Analysis on the current situation of China's climbing platform development and industry prospects
2. Relevant standards, regulations, testing and construction plan points for climbing platform
3. Aluminum formwork and climbing frame insertion construction case sharing
4. Problems and accident cases analysis in scaffolding area in China
5. Introduction of new materials
6. Introduction of DOKA steel frame/aluminum frame wood formwork panel system and supporting H-beam system
7. Application of WISA board clear concrete technology in construction
8. How to use Internet thinking to create a terrace for climbing platform.

Conference features

Rich and comprehensive topics : domestic and foreign wooden formwork, climbing platform development status, various product types, industry new technologies, national multi-typed project ,construction cases, full production management coverage

Wonderful guests : China’s wooden formwork, the flagship enterprise of the climbing platform, the technical leader of the large central enterprise construction unit, and the university professors come to the report.

In-depth research event: comprehensively explaining the technical advantages of wood formwork, the association continues to lead the new round of development trend of climbing platform, and publicize the contents of the 10 new technologies in the construction industry. The conference invites wooden formwork and climbing platform. Downstream colleagues, production and construction management experts jointly discuss the problems and prospects of industry development.