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Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd
Suzhou TECON Construction Technology Co., Ltd

Welcome to Tecon's Live Shows in the 131st Online Canton Fair

Our story with Online Canton Fair

With about 60 years of development, the Canton Fair has become the largest comprehensive international trade fair. It has a long history, most commodities and consumers, and the best trading results. Since the pandemic happened two years ago, the Canton Fair changed from offline to online. The reason was to respond to the pandemic and innovative development.

Meanwhile, TECON attended the Online Canton Fair in 2020. We did not get the desired feedback from the first-time experience. However, people usually say that failure breeds success. Ultimately, we decided to challenge ourselves and attend the 131st Online Canton Fair in 2022.

New Challenges

When we decide to attend the Online Canton Fair, we also face with few challenges.

1) The epidemic situation is still unstable. We need to consider the prevention policy of the local government while we choose the live site.

2) Our company target markets are across the five continents. As we would like to put our customer benefits first, we have adjusted the period of each live show.

3) For consumer benefits, we have come up with a special event for every participant in our broadcasting room.

Online Canton Fair Schedule

The 131st Online Canton Fair will hold from April 15th to April 19th, and it will last 5 days in total. Each day will hold 2 live shows from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. The following is the timeline of each day and the corresponding regions:


Products Content:

In our live show, we will show the following products:

  • Plastic formwork TP60

  • HETO frame wall & adjustable column formwork

  • Aluflex slab formwork

  • Slab table formwork

  • Shoring tower TST60

  • Aluminum Frame

  • Self-climbing formwork

Promotional Activities:

The two live shows combine with product introduction, Q&A, and our special offers to our customers. For each member who enters our live show, we will encourage them to register for our Q&A event in the afternoon by leaving their name, email address name, and company name. We will give each participant a serial number.

1) We have prepared a lottery box to draw the lucky one to win a free sample mailed. Also, we would provide you with our email address so that you can send us the delivery address.

2) The top 15 participants can win a coupon for a single order over $20,000 minus $1000.

3) Participants 15~30 can win a coupon for a single order over $20,000 minus $800.

4) Participants after 30 can win a coupon for a single order over $20,000 minus $500.

5) OR you could choose a free project design from us.

The valid period of each coupon is one year. Each participant can use it only one time for a single order.

Invitation Messages:

Tecon formwork and scaffolding from China will be venerated to welcome you as a guest to join the 131st Online canton fair of the construction industry.

For further information or problems, please contact by email:sunny@teconform.com.