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Bridge Formwork Post-Construction Inspection Contents and Protective Measures

Bridge formwork construction after the content to be checked

With the development of construction industrialization and the continuous improvement of bridge formwork technology, the promotion and application of bridge formworks are constantly improving. However, when using bridge formworks, a series of problems should be paid attention to, especially after the construction is completed, the following items should be checked:

  • Collection, collection, sorting and on-site verification of the data of the bridge formwork.

  • Check whether the supports are corroded, aged, displaced, etc.

  • Check whether the pier and foundation slide, tilt, sink. Whether the concrete cap has weathering, cracking, peeling, and exposed steel bars. Whether the top surface of the pier is clean, whether the expansion joint leaks. Whether the cone slope is intact, whether there is loose stitching, broken pieces, missing, and whether there is a through crack.

  • Whether the concrete is cracked, defective, and rusted steel bars appear. Whether there is overall cracking caused by alkali-aggregate reaction, whether there is serious carbonization on the surface, and whether there is significant displacement and deformation of the beam.

  • Whether the bridge formwork is flat, straight, freely retractable, whether there is abnormal deformation and noise, looseness, breakage, falling off, and leakage. Whether there are foreign objects embedded, whether the groove pavement layer is gnawed at the edge, and whether there is obvious jumping.

The use of construction formwork accessories, including bridge formwork accessories and formwork supports, is an important measure to replace wood with steel, which is also a major reform of concrete construction technology.

How to do bridge formwork protection measures?

Most of the formworks in bridge construction projects are stacked outdoors. In order to prevent the bridge formworks from rusting and prolong the service life of the bridge formworks, it is necessary to do a good job of bridge formwork protection measures. How to carry out the protection of bridge formworks?

  • Brush a layer of formwork paint on the bridge formwork. formwork paint has good physical properties and adhesion (the bonding strength with steel is up to 9MPa), wear resistance, alkali resistance, can be used repeatedly for many times, and can effectively protect the bridge formwork.

  • Regardless of whether it is in the warehouse or on the construction site, steel formworks should be neatly stacked according to specifications and should not be placed arbitrarily.

  • During formwork transportation, formworks of different specifications should not be mixed, and layered horizontal transportation or grid vertical transportation can be adopted according to the structure, specifications, and transportation conditions of pre-assembled formworks.

  • During formwork storage, the surface that comes into contact with concrete should be coated with rust-proof oil. If the back paint is partially peeled off, it should be supplemented with a brush. Steel formworks should be stored indoors as much as possible, or placed in the on-site shed. If they are stored outdoors, they should be covered with canvas or iron to prevent the steel formworks from rusting.

The above is a summary of the bridge formwork protection measures, which can be used as a reference. Our company is one of the professional formwork manufacturers specializing in bridge formworks, with guaranteed product quality and affordable prices, and we welcome inquiries.