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Crafting Steps for Bridge Pier Formwork

What is the process method of bridge pier formwork? Let us share with you that the bridge pier formwork mainly has these steps to pay attention to:

Construction process of bridge pier formwork

Measuring and setting out → Erecting scaffolding → Installing reinforcement → Acceptance inspection → Installing formwork → Acceptance inspection → Pouring concrete → Curing → Dismantling formwork.

Specific crafting methods of bridge pier formwork

Measuring and setting out

Control the centerline of the foundation horizontally and vertically on the ground according to the pile foundation layout, set the structural dimensions of the supporting platform and bridge abutment body on the top surface of concrete by using the theodolite and steel ruler. After placing the large-scale specimen, draw a boundary line with ink.

Erecting scaffolding

Leave enough working platform around the edge of the platform structure and set up steel pipe construction scaffolding as a construction platform for steel structure and bridge pier formwork, the height of the scaffolding should be higher than the top base reinforcement elevation, and the anchoring rope should be used to fix the scaffolding around.

Installing reinforcement

The main reinforcement of the platform body has been pre-embedded during the installation of reinforcement. Check the vertical center sphere of the pre-embedded vertical steel bars with a lead hammer. If the deviation exceeds the allowable range, it has to be tracked and corrected.

After centering, tie the welded stirrup reinforcement, process the stirrup to the size specified in the design drawings, and transport it to the site for installation. The welding joint of the main pier reinforcement should be staggered. The accuracy and location of the embedded parts must be ensured. Pay attention to reserving cover beam embedded parts and embedded steel bars, as well as reinforcing steel bars for pier-girder connection.

Installing and centering bridge pier formwork

The precast pier formwork, including different types of formwork, is made of large steel formwork with special-shaped processing. The formwork is installed by human with the help of a crane. Before installation, large-shaped molded components are installed on the ground according to the height of the corresponding platform, coated with high-quality release agent, and lifted by a crane to a predetermined position, placed on a leveled mortar surface on the ground.

Then hook up the anchoring rope diagonal brace, find the centerline position and verticality, and lock the hand hoist to the rope to prevent the rope from loosening and changing the center position of the bridge pier.

Before installing the formwork, support positioning steel bars should be set in the appropriate position of the steel wire mesh, and electric welding should be used for reinforcement. After installing bridge pier formwork, the relative position of the formwork and the steel bar skeleton should meet the design requirements. The steel bars of each pier column are welded to the steel bars of the cap. After alignment and reinforcement, the gap at the contact point between the top of the platform and the formwork is sealed with mortar to avoid leakage. After self-inspection is qualified, report to the local competent authorities for acceptance inspection.

Pouring and curing concrete

The precast bridge pier formwork is mixed at a centralized mixing station. The mixer truck and concrete pump truck are combined to directly transport the concrete to the step mixing tank in the formwork. The vibrator uniformly vibrates the layered pouring method, and it is completed in one pouring. The water pump is used for moisturizing and solidification.

When constructing the pier top, pay attention to the pre-buried steel mesh and support padstone, and pay attention to the pre-buried anchor bolts on the top surface of the column.

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