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Design of Steel Formwork

1. The steel formwork is designed according to the engineering structure form, load size, quality requirements and construction equipment and materials combined with the construction process.

2. The steel structure design in the steel formwork conforms to the steel formwork technical specification and the technical disclosure document provided by Party A as the formwork production standard.

3. The size of the plate is standardized in the design of the steel formwork.

4. Each component of the steel formwork is designed and calculated by the limit state design method according to the functional requirements.

5. When designing the steel shuttering, consider the influence on the formwork deformation during transportation, stacking and assembly and disassembly.

6. The design of the steel formwork takes into account the convenience and convenience of assembly, and uses positioning pin holes at the connection.

7. The final requirements for the design of steel formwork are: complete signed design drawings, tooling drawings, layout drawings, process drawings, technical standards, work instructions and other technical documents, and when necessary, there is an accounting of stiffness, strength and stability.

8. In the material selection of steel formwork, in order to ensure the bearing capacity of the formwork structure and prevent brittle failure under certain conditions, according to the importance of the formwork system, load characteristics, connection methods and other conditions, select the appropriate steel type and performance, And should use Q235B steel and Q345 steel.

9. The steel quality of the formwork conforms to the corresponding national standards:

10. Specific requirements for steel formwork:

① The panel of the steel formwork is made of steel plate with a thickness of not less than 5mm, and the material is not lower than the performance requirements of Q235B.

② The flange of the steel formwork is made of steel plate or angle steel, and the horizontal and vertical bars are made of section steel or steel plate, and the material is the same grade as that of the steel panel to ensure the welding performance and structural performance.

③ The back bar and truss of the steel formwork are made of section steel, and the material is not lower than the performance requirements of Q235B.

④ The lifting ring of the steel formwork is made of Q235B material and has sufficient safety reserves, and cold-worked steel bars will not be used.

⑤ The steel formwork is made of steel with a material hardness not lower than Q235B for the pull bolt, and has sufficient strength to withstand the construction load.

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