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Factors to Consider and Quality Assurance for the Selection of Aluminum Alloy Formwork

Factors to consider when using aluminum formwork

Concrete poured using aluminum formwork has a good appearance and high quality due to the use of aluminum alloy material technology in manufacturing the formwork, resulting in a very smooth and flat surface that gives a good appearance to the concrete.     

Moreover, each component of the aluminum formwork is processed using equipment in the factory, which ensures the flatness and quality of the joints. In addition, the joints between each component are connected using pins, which can be almost seamlessly connected once the pins are fixed, thereby avoiding the problem of concrete leaking due to large joints, which can cause honeycombed surfaces on the concrete. These two aspects can ensure the appearance and quality of the concrete poured using aluminum formwork technology.

The average usage cost of aluminum formwork is low. Although the purchase price per square meter of aluminum formwork system is high, its average usage cost is advantageous compared to other formwork technologies, especially when used in buildings with more than 30 floors or for multiple reuse.


How to ensure the quality of aluminum formwork?

A detailed assembly specification must be developed to ensure the safety and applicability of the planning, production, and use of the aluminum formwork. The planning of the aluminum formwork and its support must comply with relevant regulations and have the necessary strength, stiffness, and stability.

The processing, production, and assembly must strictly follow the planning and enterprise standards. A strict measurement and control plan must be developed. After each layer is demolded, the construction lines of the building's shadows and special axes must be checked. Foam plastic strips must be pasted between the formwork and the concrete column surface to prevent concrete leakage. After each layer is demolded, the formwork must be carefully cleaned and coated with a special release agent. The levelness and verticality must be observed in a timely manner, and any deviations must be corrected in a timely manner.

During the installation and use of aluminum formwork, targeted inspection and testing criteria must be implemented in accordance with enterprise standards at all levels and stages. Each team must carefully self-inspect and re-inspect, and can only use the formwork after it passes the joint inspection and approval of the construction general contracting party.

A contract responsibility system must be implemented in management. Detailed economic rewards and punishments must be formulated for each level of management. Contracts must be signed, responsibilities must be assigned to individuals, and there must be a clear and consistent process, and inspections and assessments conducted using selected and checked detailed content.

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