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How to Avoid Standard Errors During Construction of Building Formwork?

As an indispensable construction tool in construction projects, building formworks will particularly affect the quality of projects in the later stage if they are not properly constructed. In the actual construction process, the standard error is often a common problem when the building formwork is constructed. Then, how does the standard error appear? Is there a way to avoid it?

1. How does the standard error of the building formwork appear?

The phenomenon of standard error will basically appear in the construction survey, and it will be found that there is a certain deviation between the elevation of the concrete structure layer and the embedded parts, the elevation of the reserved hole and the design elevation of the building construction drawing. This kind of deviation is often referred to as standard error. If there are no elevation control points on the floor, or there are few control points, it will make the control network unable to achieve a closed state. If the root of the vertical building formwork does not have a parallel point, the standard error will appear during the construction process.

2. How to avoid standard errors in the construction of the building formwork?

When it is necessary to set an elevation control point on the top of the formwork, it is necessary to carry out construction strictly in accordance with the elevation point, and strictly measure upwards layer by layer to avoid the occurrence of accumulated errors.

When installing the embedded parts and reserved holes, the construction personnel need to strictly conform to the construction drawings, and fix the correct set position accurately. If necessary, they need to be fixed by welding, and they should be poured layer by layer along the circumference. It is strictly prohibited to bump and vibrate the embedded parts to avoid standard errors in the construction of building formwork.

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