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How to Choose Building Formwork?

The selection of building formwork is mainly based on three criteria: appearance, material, and the number of turnovers of the formwork. Building formworks are the foundation of engineering construction. Only by selecting high-quality building formworks can construction progress be accelerated and engineering costs be reduced.

Select building formwork based on appearance

The appearance of the building formwork can also reflect its quality. The appearance of a good material building formwork is relatively beautiful, flat, and without obvious flaws.

Usually, there is a layer of paint on the surface of the building formwork. Checking for defects with the eyes is usually not enough. It is necessary to use the sense of touch to check the surface material of the formwork. During the process of touching with hands, check whether the building formwork is smooth and whether there are any obvious material defects.

Select building formwork based on materials

In the process of selecting building formworks, including adjustable formwork, the choice of materials is important. Firstly, it is necessary to clarify the formwork material required, because there are many types of building formwork materials on the market, and the characteristics of each type are different. Therefore, it is necessary to understand one's own needs and the characteristics of each type. Choosing a formwork that does not match the requirements will affect the construction efficiency of the construction site.

Select building formwork based on the number of turnovers

Building formworks are a type of reusable building material. In the selection process, formworks with high turnovers can be prioritized. Building formworks with more turnovers usually have strong compression resistance, and this material is more cost-effective and efficient.

When selecting building formworks, it is necessary to inspect the quality of finished products in the production workshop. Firstly, check the pressure density of the edge material of the building formwork after cutting. If it can be easily broken, it proves that the density of the building formwork is low and it cannot be selected.

Secondly, it is necessary to see what kind of glue is used to bond the building formwork. "Melamine formaldehyde" has good quality and is waterproof. The surface of the building formwork is smooth and bright in color. Do not choose building formworks with a dull color, which may be made of urea-formaldehyde glue.

Finally, it is necessary to see whether the hot press machine used in the production of building formworks is between 9mpa and 20mpa. If the pressure of the hot press machine is too low, the produced building formworks will become uneven and affect usage.

The above are the standards for selecting building formworks. Only high-quality building formworks can achieve a long service life and high number of turnovers, thereby reducing construction costs.

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