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Introduction and Construction Techniques of Round Column Formwork

Building round column formwork is composed of three parts: panels, support structure, and connectors. The panel is a load-bearing plate that directly contacts newly poured concrete. The support structure is a temporary structure that supports the panel, concrete, and construction loads, ensuring that the round column formwork structure is securely combined without being destroyed or deformed. Additionally, the connector is a component that connects the panel with the support structure to form a whole.

Introduction to the characteristics of round column formwork

  • Compared with traditional steel formwork, the round column formwork is lightweight and does not require large machinery for installation.

  • After pouring, the appearance quality of the concrete is good, with fewer joints. After reinforcement with steel straps, the joints are compact, and the occurrence of leakage and bursting can be almost eliminated.

  • With high accuracy, using finished round column formwork can ensure that the column dimensions and roundness are consistent with the design requirements, making construction simple and further improving the accuracy of beam-column joints.

  • Round Column formwork can be processed according to engineering needs, and the seams of the formwork are designed with grooves that fit tightly and do not leak concrete.

  • It saves materials, and the reinforcement of the column is simple, which can save a large number of materials such as steel pipes and square wood used for reinforcement. It is also easy to store and has a high reuse rate.

  • Round Column formwork has good thermal insulation performance, which can prevent the occurrence of bubbles and cracks and is beneficial to control common quality problems of concrete.

Construction technology of round column formwork

Formwork of more than three meters in height should be installed staggered

When installing the formwork, when the height of the column exceeds three meters, the two pieces of formwork at the connection of the upper and lower parts of the formwork need to be installed staggered, which can ensure the verticality and integrity of the column.

The fixed steel strap requires horizontal binding

Horizontal binding can ensure that the steel straps are stressed uniformly. The upper and lower margins of the fixed steel strap are more than one meter apart for round column formwork with a diameter of between one and 1.5 meters, with a steel strap hoop every 25cm, plus 10% of the total number of steel strap hoops. For round column formwork below one meter in diameter, a steel strap hoop is installed every 30cm (installation skill: when installing the steel strap, use a steel ruler to measure the formwork, and nail 3-4 small nails around the same height of the formwork. When installing the upper steel strap, place the steel strap on the nails to keep the steel strap level).

When installing screws, each screw should be tightened consistently to ensure the consistency of the tension of the steel straps and construction safety (installation tip: use the same person to reinforce the screws for the same column). After the round column formwork is closed and strengthened, the bottom of the formwork should be 0.5-1cm away from the ground and filled with concrete.

How to protect round column steel formwork?

  • When lifting the formwork, lift it lightly and avoid collision to prevent deformation of the formwork.

  • When removing the formwork, do not use a sledgehammer or a crowbar to pry hard to avoid damaging the concrete surface and corners.

  • If the round column formwork is found to be uneven or damaged and deformed near the ribs, repair it in time.

  • The steel formwork should be well managed during use, stacked according to specifications, and anti-rust coatings painted in a timely manner.

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