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Maintenance Items During Scaffolding Construction

1. Protection Matters in the Process of Erecting and Using Scaffolding

(1) After erecting the completed scaffolding system, a dedicated person should be set up to check the structure of the scaffolding every day. It is necessary to check whether the vertical pole and walkway board are sinking and loose, and check all fasteners of scaffold body for sliding buckle and looseness. At the same time, it is also necessary to determine whether each component of the frame is intact.

(2) The foundation drainage of the scaffolding should be done well, and all the foundations of the scaffolding should be checked after each rain to prevent the scaffolding from sinking under water.

(3) The construction load of the operating layer of the scaffolding is prohibited to exceed 270 kg/m2. Do not fix cross-bar supports, cable wind ropes and other things on the scaffold. It is forbidden to hang heavy objects on the scaffolding body.

(4) On the completed scaffolding system, it is forbidden for anyone to remove any part of the scaffolding at will.

(5) When encountering strong winds above grade 6, heavy fog, heavy rain and heavy snow, the scaffolding work should be suspended immediately. It is necessary to check whether the scaffolding has been installed before resuming work before continuing to work.


2. Precautions for Equipment Use During Scaffolding Erection

(1) Scaffolding pipes with outer diameters of 48mm and 51mm, steel pipes and wooden corrugated are not allowed to be mixed.

(2) At the main node of the scaffold, the distance between the center line of the fasteners such as fixed horizontal bar or vertical bar, scissor braces, and horizontal supports shall not be more than 150mm from the main node.

(3) The length of each rod end of the scaffolding extending beyond the edge of the fastener cover shall not be less than 140mm.

(4) The opening of the docking fastener should face the inner side of the shelf, and the bolt should face up. The opening of the right-angle fastener must not face downwards to ensure safety.

(5) It is necessary for all shelf staff to work with certificates, wear helmets and fasten seat belts.

(6) It is necessary for all shelf workers to strictly follow the erection plan.

(7) During the erection, the wall connecting parts and cross bracing shall be set in time and shall not lag more than two steps.

(8) In the process of erection, pay attention to adjust the straightness of scaffolding, and the allowable deviation is 100mm.