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Precautions for the Construction of Circular Column Formwork

I. What are the key points in the construction of circular column formwork?

In order to ensure that the circular column shuttering has sufficient bearing capacity, stiffness and stability without deformation, damage and collapse, the self weight of the formwork and its support, construction load, load of construction personnel and construction equipment, lateral pressure of the formwork caused by concrete pouring and vibration and other key points shall be fully considered. Reasonable and effective formwork scheme should be formulated according to the principles of practicability, safety and economy.

Snap the axis and formwork sideline according to the drawing design requirements. The fabricated circular column formwork shall be transported to the operation point by tower crane or manual.

1. At the splices between circular column formworks, each circular column formwork shall be pasted with a full-length adhesive tape to make the splices between formworks tight to prevent slurry leakage.

2. Snap the axis on the outer surface of the formwork, and the specific position of the snapping line shall be accurate and the line shall be clear.

3. Before assembling the circular column shuttering, the release agent shall be applied evenly. It should not be too thin to play the role of release agent. It should not be too thick to affect the appearance of the concrete.

Align the inner edge of the prepared circular column formwork with the edge line popped on the foundation surface or the ground. During assembly, the outer panel shall be erected first, and then the inner panel shall be erected. After each two adjacent formworks are installed in place, block them on the ribs at the junction of internal and external panels with small wood immediately to temporarily fix the formworks.

Then further correct the verticality, position and tightness between joints of the circular column shuttering, and finally fix it with steel pipe. In the process of fixing, pay attention to correct the circular column formwork at any time.

II. Precautions for construction of circular column shuttering

Circular column formwork is used in many places in the construction industry, which has been widely used in all kinds of chimneys, silos, granulation towers, water towers, open caissons, pump rooms and storage tanks. For various bridge piers, aqueduct piers, retaining walls, hyperbolic cooling towers, water towers, port buttresses, dams and other structures, multi-storey and high-rise civil and industrial buildings, it is prohibited to use circular column shuttering as scaffold board, paving board and other tools. However, there are many precautions in the use of circular column formwork, which will be briefly introduced next.

1. When removing the wooden circular column shuttering, it is not allowed to smash or pry it with a sledgehammer or crowbar, so as to avoid damaging the circular column formwork and the edges and corners of concrete components.

2. The removed circular column shuttering shall be cleaned in time, and the unclean formwork shall not be used.

3. When supporting and dismantling the building circular column formwork, pay attention to the interconnection of formwork and support system to ensure stability. There shall be no single floating shelf and empty shelf to prevent falling injury.