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Processing Procedure of Building Formwork

Based on years of experience in the production and processing of construction formworks, the processing flow of construction formworks is summarized, hoping to help you understand construction formworks to a certain extent.

Construction formworks are temporary supporting structures made according to design requirements, which shape concrete structures and components in prescribed positions and geometric dimensions, maintain their correct positions, and bear the weight of the construction formworks and external loads acting on them. The purpose of formwork engineering is to ensure the quality of concrete engineering, construction safety, accelerate construction progress, and reduce construction costs.

The main steps of construction formwork processing are as follows

  • Choose the commonly used logs for construction formworks, calculate and saw them according to the required length of production, and then cut them on a rotary cutting machine, and remove impurities on the surface of the wooden layer. Impurities will affect the bonding strength of the glue in the later period, which can reasonably utilize resources and improve the quality of construction formworks.

  • To produce construction formworks on a large scale, we need to use a wood drying machine for drying. After the wooden layer is dried, it is relatively brittle. Therefore, it should be naturally placed for 2-3 days to ensure the toughness of the wooden layer. In a small amount of cases, we can use sunlight for drying.

  • The construction formwork uses multilayer wood boards and is bonded together by coating glue. The wood boards are evenly coated with glue on both sides through a glue filling machine. The wood boards coated with glue are flatly placed on the surface formwork of the construction formwork, and covered with 6-10 layers (according to the needs) uniformly. The precision four-roller coating machine is used to ensure that every single board is evenly coated with glue to achieve high bonding strength. The cross-stacking method ensures that each construction formwork meets national standards.

  • The construction formwork, including different types of formwork in construction, adopts the process of pre-pressing and then hot-pressing, which minimizes the probability of the rough positioning of the blank board. Then, it is pressed with reasonable pressure and temperature to ensure that each Chinese construction formwork has excellent bonding strength and hardness. After hot pressing, there will be a little bit of misplacement and irregular edges and corners in some inner wood boards. The excess wood boards will be cut with a knife and sprayed with anti-corrosion paint, which is an important factor in ensuring the service life and storage time of construction formworks. Construction formworks have the advantages of lightweight, bearing large gravity, convenient use and installation, smooth surface, and anti-corrosion.