Aludeck Slab Formwork


TECON Aludeck is one of the most efficient and labor-saving panel slab formworks. With extremely light aluminum frame panels, safe handy and high loading capacity aluminum props, easy to learn assembly sequence and slab forming can be implemented rapidly in both residential and industrial construction projects with thicker slabs.

Features of Aludeck Slab Formwork

  • Light weight aluminum panels and props make it a handset slab formwork

  • Extremely fast forming process due to easy assembly and dismantle process with very few components only

  • Powder coated frame, beams and props outer tube thus very easy and fast cleaning

  • Early stripping heads reduce on-site material requirement and result in fast deployment of panels

  • High load capacity TMP Aluminum prop means lower density slab props required, around 0.3 piece per m² only

  • Table transforming available by connecting props, beams and panel together with truss bracing

Specifications of Aludeck Slab Formwork

  • 750/500/375mm width by 1500/750mm length aluminum panels lined with TECON-Form birch, the biggest size panel 750*1500mm only weights 16.2kg

  • For slab thickness up to 100cm with 150cm main beam, and up to 40cm with 225cm main beam

  • Aluminum TMP Props range from 800mm to 625mm and with maximum work load up to 90kN, models as below

    Min.Length (mm)8001450198026004300
    Max.Length (mm)12002500350048006250
    Weight (Kg)10.415.518.723.830.2
    Min~ Max Load (kN)70~9060~7042~8825~8520-56
  • TMP Props with Built-in taps and safe stopping device makes safe and fast operation

  • Three choices of main beams, 155cm, 230cm and 380cm

  • Flexible solution with special designed accessories for infill area around columns or edge of slab near walls

Application of Aludeck Slab Formwork

Wide range of applications from residential & commercial construction to industrial construction projects with thicker or higher slabs, especially beamless slab.

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    1. How to get a quotation?

    You can send us your material list to request for a quotation, or you can also simply send us the structural drawing and project information for complete formwork & scaffolding proposal via below contacts.


    Phone: +86-512-65650586

    Mobile: +86-13862020161.

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    2. What is the payment term?

    By T/T or L/C.

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    3. What is the lead time?

    For climbing formwork, self-climbing platform, plastic formwork we have stock in our warehouse. The preparation of loading will be within 10 to 15 days.

    For H20 timber beam, TECON-Form Shuttering, the lead time is from 15 to 25 days.

    For other system, the lead time is from 30 to 45 days.

    For more accurate lead time, please contact us for specific product based on your quantity.

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