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The Processing Process and the Field Matching of Cylindrical Formwork

Ⅰ. Processing process of circular column shuttering

The production and processing process of the circular column shuttering is as follows:

1. First, cut the raw material of the circular column shuttering, choose birch and poplar substrates with moderate hardness, and cut the appropriate size according to the size of the circular column shuttering.

2. Then, dry the raw material substrate to ensure that the moisture content is between 7 to 8%.

3. Glue the substrate raw materials with double-sided coating, apply the glue evenly. A cylindrical template uses multiple veneers for gluing together, employing an imported automatic glue roller to obtain a uniform glue layer. no delamination and cracking phenomenon after molding.

4. Put the film paper directly on the substrate to form the plane state of the circular column shuttering; then place the circular column shuttering again on a special hot press with double-sided heating for hot pressing.

Ⅱ. On-site mold support for circular column shuttering

Pay attention to the following points when deploying circular column shuttering on the site:

1. The design of the circular column shuttering and its supporting structure should be safe and reliable. It should be designed reasonably according to the engineering structure, load size, and other demands. Make full use of the circular column shuttering recycling performance, extend the circular column shuttering service life, and make the existing cylindrical template reach a reasonable cost level.

2. When choosing the material of the circular column shuttering, choose common general-purpose materials, and the post-maintenance of the circular column shuttering should be simple and convenient. This kind of wooden formwork is common in the market. It is convenient to purchase, the maintenance cost is low, and the turnover can be more than ten times. Choose the appropriate 50*100 pine square material, fasteners, and steel pipes.

3. The structural measures must be in place for the on-site mold matching of the special-shaped circular column shuttering according to the force requirements. The supporting system must be firm, the installation must be fast, and the lifting and dismantling of the mold must be convenient.

4. When matching the mold on-site, try to use the circular column shuttering as a whole to avoid repeated cutting and cause unnecessary loss. The templates that have been prepared should be marked with specifications and models and stacked in categories. The spacing of the supporting reinforcements is 30 cm each, the number of wood flutes used is four, and the horizontal spacing of the good subframe is 1 meter.

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