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Quality Management and Quality Standards for Aluminum Alloy Formwork

Quality management of aluminum alloy formwork

Adhere to the certification system for on-the-job training

Personnel in special positions (measurement, testing, etc.) must undergo training to obtain a qualification certificate and on-the-job certification.

Adhere to the "three-inspection" system

Once the construction quality goals have been established, they must be implemented throughout the construction process. adhere to the "self-inspection, professional inspection, acceptance inspection" system, and do not leave any problems or hidden dangers for subsequent processes. Each construction quality of various types of work, processes, and sub-projects, as well as material entry, construction testing, drawing changes, processing orders, construction plans, and technical measures are strictly implemented under this system to facilitate the early discovery and timely resolution of issues.

Adhere to the technical lead system

Before the project starts, the technical department must explain the key issues of the entire project's technical quality to construction management personnel, team leaders, etc. Before the construction of sub-projects, the team leader is responsible for explaining the technical quality to the members of each team. Written communication is mainly used for communication, and construction is not allowed without explanation.

For key processes and key positions, the foreman is responsible for on-site verification and the technical department must verify and supervise each key link and important process and timely resolve issues.

Aluminum formwork manufacturers adhere to quality meetings

During regular or irregular production meetings, quality work arrangements are adhered to while arranging production plans. Special quality meetings are held regularly, and the construction site production manager and full-time quality inspector present quality dynamic reports and develop quality work plans and countermeasures.

What quality standards must aluminum formwork meet?

Building aluminum formwork and its supports should be planned according to the construction structure, load size, soil type of the foundation, construction equipment, and data supply conditions. This ensures the proper utilization and effectiveness of the aluminum formwork system. The formwork and its supports should have sufficient carrying capacity, stiffness and stability, and can reliably accept the weight of concrete, lateral pressure and construction loads.

Before pouring concrete, the aluminum alloy template engineering must be inspected.

The order and measures for the dismantling of aluminum alloy formwork and its supports should be implemented according to the construction skills plan.

The joints of the building aluminum formwork should not leak slurry. Before pouring concrete, the formwork should be sprinkled with water to moisten it, but there should be no standing water.

The contact surface of the formwork with concrete should be cleaned and brushed with a barrier agent, but a blocker that affects the structural function or hinders the construction of decorative engineering should not be selected.

Before pouring concrete, miscellaneous debris inside aluminum formwork should be cleaned and tidy.

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