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Reasons for Issues with the Building Formwork

Why do some construction formworks always have problems during construction, while others don't? Next, we analyze the reasons for the problems with construction formworks.

Adhesive of the construction formwork


The reason is that the adhesive solution is too thin, the amount of adhesive is too large, the cracks on the back of the single board are too deep, the moisture content of the single board is too high, the aging time is too long, and the pressure is too high.

Plywood layering and detachment of the construction formwork

The reason for this is that the gap reserved by the manual zero-piece core laying is too large or too small, the core boards are misplaced and overlapped during board placement, and the zero-pieces are not aligned.

Low strength of the construction formwork

It is mainly caused by poor adhesive quality, uncontrolled hot pressing conditions, such as low hot pressing temperature, insufficient pressure, and too short glue pressure time. High moisture content of single board, insufficient glue coating, poor quality of single board, too long or too short aging time, can also reduce the bonding strength.

Warping of the construction formwork

This is caused by the large internal stress of the construction formwork. The reason is the inconsistent moisture content of the front and back panels, unreasonable combination of different tree species single boards, twisted single board, individual hot-pressed plate temperature is not enough, and the board stacking is uneven.

Edge and corner delamination of the construction formwork

The reason for this defect is that the pressure is insufficient due to the wear of the edges and corners of the hot-pressed plate, the edges and corners of each interval board are not aligned, the board is slanted when installed and subjected to uneven pressure, the pressure degree is insufficient when the edge of the single board is cut, the joint strength is weak, the edge and corner are lack of glue, the glue dries too early, and the temperature in some parts of the pressed plate is low, etc.

Bubbling and partial delamination of the construction formwork

The reason is that the pressure reduction speed is too fast, the glue pressure time is insufficient, the moisture content of the single board is too high, there are blank spots when gluing, there are impurities or dirt on the single board, or the temperature of the spruce single board is too high.

The main reason for the above problems in construction is the decrease in cost, which often leads to compromises in quality when formwork used in construction. Therefore, you get what you pay for.

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