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Requirements of Steel Formwork Production Technology for Bridge Construction

The use of bridge steel formwork is mainly in the construction of steel formwork for bridges on railways and highways. It can be reused multiple times, and is widely used in construction projects as equipment for pouring and molding concrete. The production process of bridge steel formwork has certain requirements.

  • The membrane setting in the bridge steel formwork, such as adjustable formwork or other types of formwork systems, is very convenient for processing and requires quality assurance. Therefore, it is very suitable to set a unified membrane for the bridge steel formwork, which can be spliced and assembled on the membrane of each part of the bridge steel formwork. The membrane of the bridge steel formwork must be set on a relatively solid site and smoothed and leveled.

  • The cutting process of the bridge steel formwork: In the cutting process, mainly according to the design drawings of the bridge steel formwork, the full size sample is carefully placed and the size is calibrated. After that, the standard template is made, and the cutting line should be based on the standard template.

  • The process of splicing and assembling the bridge steel formwork: The splicing and assembling between the steel plate and the skeleton mainly occurs between two membranes. The bridge steel formwork that has been cut needs to be placed on the joint. After the splicing is completed, the external dimensions must be carefully checked to ensure that the four sides are square. After the inspection has no errors, temporary welding should be used to fix it. In the assembly process of the skeleton, the first thing to do is the cross ribs, followed by the vertical ribs. After the welding is completed, it is lifted onto the steel plate and then welded.

  • Drill holes for anchor bolts on the bridge steel formwork. After the bridge steel formwork is produced, the drilling machine is used to drill anchor bolt holes on it. This ensures the accuracy of the position. First, use a small-diameter drill bit to determine the hole position, and then use a large-diameter drill bit to enlarge the hole.

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