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Six Protective Measures for Building Formwork

If the protective measures of building formwork are in place, it can increase the number of reuses to a certain extent and reduce construction costs. Let us introduce you to the six major protective measures of building formwork? Let's take a look together.

1. Storage of building formwork

When the building formwork is stored, it should meet the self-stabilizing angle required by the regional conditions, and the two building formwork should be stored with the plates facing each other.

When the building shuttering is stored on the construction floor, there must be reliable anti-dumping measures, it must not be stored along the outer wall joints, and must be stored perpendicular to the outer wall. Building formwork without support or insufficient self-stabilizing angle should be stored on a dedicated stacking rack, or stacked flat, and must not lean on other building formwork or objects to prevent slipping and dumping.

2. Hauling of building formwork

The building formwork can be hauled as a whole with a trailer, or it can be dismantled and stacked horizontally with a trailer, but the skids must be aligned up and down and stacked firmly. It is strictly forbidden to sit on the car during the hauling process.

3. Lifting of building formwork

Before lifting the building formwork, check whether the hoisting ropes, fixtures and the rings on each building formwork are complete and effective, and all temporary supports should be removed first, and the lifting can only be done after checking.

Before the building shuttering is lifted, the position of the crane should be adjusted properly, so that it can rise steadily and fall in place accurately. It is forbidden to move the building formwork manually, and the building formwork should be strictly prevented from swinging or knocking over other formwork.

4. Disassembly and assembly of building formwork

When the building formwork is disassembled and assembled, fences should be set up around the area, and obvious signs should be hung to prohibit non-operating personnel from entering. The commanding, dismantling and hooking personnel must stand in a safe and reliable place to operate, and it is strictly forbidden for personnel to lift with the building formwork.

5. Auxiliary facilities of building formwork

The building formwork must have ancillary facilities such as operating platform, up and down stairs, walking bridges and protective railings. If damaged, it should be repaired in time.

6. Protection measures for building formwork

After the building formwork is installed, protective measures should be taken to prevent electric shock, and a special person should be set up to connect the building formwork in series and connect it with the lightning protection network to prevent electric leakage from hurting people.

After the building formwork is removed, the residues on the building formwork should be removed in time, and the formwork release agent should be painted. When cleaning and brushing the release agent, the building formwork should be temporarily fixed. 50-60cm wide sidewalk. These are the protection measures for the formwork before, during and after the use of the building formwork. We hope it will be helpful to you. You are welcome to give us your valuable opinions or suggestions.