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Specific Safety Measures and Precautions for Bridge Formwork

We all know that we should wear a safety helmet before work, check whether the tools used are firm, check that tools such as wrenches must be hung on the body with ropes and chains, and concentrate on working to avoid nails stabbing feet or slipping in the air, etc. 

What are the precautions?

1. When installing and dismantling bridge formworks over 5 meters, scaffold and protective railings should be set up. It is forbidden to operate on the same vertical surface. Safety belts should be worn when workers are working at high places.

2. It is not allowed to pile a large amount of bridge formworks and other materials on the scaffold.

3. The wires and electric tools used on the bridge formwork should adopt 36v low-voltage power supply or workers should take other effective safety measures.

4. When workers are working at high place, various accessories should be placed in a tool box or tool bag, and are strictly prohibited from being placed on a bridge formwork or scaffold. Various tools should be hung on the operator or placed in the tool bag and should not be dropped.

5. Workers working at high place are strictly prohibited from climbing up and down the combined bridge formwork or scaffold, and are not allowed to walk on the top of the wall and the bridge formwork at high place.

6. The reserved holes of the bridge formwork should be covered or set up with protective fences, and safety nets should be set up at the openings of the holes.

7. During the assembling and disassembling of the bridge formwork, there should be a few workers working together. The movable parts should be fixed firmly, and it is strictly forbidden to stack them on the scaffold and throw them.

8. When workers are installing and disassembling the bridge formwork, a stable climbing tool must be used. When the height exceeds 3.5 meters, scaffold must be erected. When assembling and disassembling, no one can stand below except the operator. When working at high places, the operator should put on a safety belt.

9. The order and method of removing bridge formwork should be determined in accordance with the provisions of the design of matching board, and the principles of supporting first and then dismantling, first non-load-bearing parts, then load-bearing parts and top-down should be followed. It is strictly forbidden to hit or pry hard with a sledgehammer when disassembling the formwork.

10. First remove the side bridge formwork, and then remove the load-bearing bridge formwork.

11. The combined bridge formwork should be dismantled as a whole.

12. Supports and connectors should be gradually dismantled, and the bridge formwork should be disassembled and transferred block by block, and the bridge formwork and concrete should not be damaged during dismantling.

13. The disassembled bridge formwork and accessories should be stacked neatly, and the accessories should be kept in the tool box for maintenance and storage.

14. The dismantled bridge formwork should be cleared of mortar in time. If it is difficult to remove, the formwork descaling agent can be used to remove it, and it should not be knocked down.

15. The cleaned bridge formwork must be coated with release agent in time, and the opening part should be coated with edge sealing agent. When the anti-rust paint falls off, it should be painted in time after cleaning.

16. The connecting parts and accessories of the bridge formwork should be cleaned and inspected. The damaged or broken parts should be picked out in time, and the threaded parts should be oiled after refurbishment.

17. If the disassembled bridge formwork is found to be warped, deformed, or welded, it should be repaired in time. The damaged formwork surface should be repaired in time.

18. The installation and dismantling of bridge formwork at high places with complex structures should be carried out with practical safety measures in advance. When disassembling formworks at high places, a special person should be responsible for giving instructions, and the work area should be marked below. When assembling and disassembling the combined bridge formwork, there should be someone from above and below working together, and it should be transported along with the assembly and disassembly. It is strictly forbidden to drop it from a high place.