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Steel Formwork is a Sustainable Emerging Industry

1. Steel formwork is an important tool for construction in construction projects

It is also an important part of promoting the progress of Chinese construction technology. The large-scale construction of high-rise buildings, super high-rise buildings and large public buildings, large-scale infrastructure construction, and the rapid development of urban traffic, expressways, and railways have put forward new requirements for steel formwork and scaffolding construction technology.

The steel formwork should be assembled in strict accordance with the size specified in the layout plan of the steel formwork. When the steel formwork is assembled on site, the joints between the adjacent formwork should be controlled, and a clip should be added at the joint of the two formwork to prevent the leakage of grout. After the assembly is completed, the steel formwork and the vertical steel pipe should be firmly bound with steel wires to maintain the integrity of the steel formwork.

Since the steel formwork has an important influence on the quality control of the project in the engineering construction, the production of the steel formwork should be based on the strict control of the production technology, and the production technology should be improved in the links of raw materials, gluing, hot pressing and trimming, and its own weight, construction load, the texture of concrete and the lateral pressure generated during pouring and tamping should be fully considered to ensure that the formwork and support have sufficient bearing capacity, stiffness and stability.

2. Sustainable development of the steel formwork

With the rapid rise of the steel formwork industry, the size of the steel formwork is modularized. The steel formwork has strong versatility, which can be flexibly assembled horizontally and vertically, and is light in weight, and meets the construction requirements of the building structure at that time. This is the inevitable result of the renewal of architectural design concepts. For building structures, it is the century of steel formwork.

The emerging industry of steel formwork is very promising in China. With the rapid development of China's construction industry, new types of steel formwork have come out one after another, and the output is constantly expanding. China's domestic steel also has a promising future, with obvious growth, constantly changing design concepts, basically satisfying the demand of this industry in China and contributing to its continuous development. Lightweight thin-walled steel has been widely used in light steel formwork residential buildings, and the potential market is huge.

During the production, construction and use of steel formwork, the architectural design concept is constantly updated. Most formwork rental companies are developed on the basis of leasing small combined steel formwork and ordinary fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding. With the characteristics of superior earthquake resistance, non-polluting, energy saving and safety, steel formwork conforms to the principle of sustainable development of mankind and the principle of sustainable development of the construction industry. As a sustainable emerging industry, steel formwork has grown vigorously.