Tecon Heto Frame Formwork

Tecon Heto Frame Formwork which is a steel frame joint with 12mm plywood, 40kg/sqm, suitable for wall and column, can custom made panel size and also adjustable in 50mm mode.

Wall part, big panels with several clamps, work together with the tower crane.

For column, one-time pouring can reach 10 meters high, apart from the formwork into 2 parts with wheels, easy to remove to another place.

As it's highly efficient and easy to handle, in some European countries, it’s already widely used, Doka, Peri, and Faresin all have similar formwork systems, Aisa is also starting to use this new type of steel frame formwork to instead traditional steel ones, it will help them to save more time and perfect the finished concrete surface.

As some contractors just start to use steel frame formwork, Tecon will supply a 3D user manual to help our customers to know it, teach them how to assemble, do some site supervision to make sure everything is all right.

Tecon Heto Frame Formwork

Tecon Heto Frame Formwork

Tecon Heto Frame Formwork

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