TECON Plastic Formwork in Indonisia

Plastic formwork is one kind of modular pouring formwork nowadays, it is widely used in villas. Customers from Indonesia trying to use TECON plastic formwork for a test in 2 sets of their projects, and also the feedback is perfect.

Once assembly you don’t need to dismantle every component, reuse directly to another villa, if the structure is totally the same, it will save a lot of time and man power. And also the surface is tidy and flat, almost no need to repair it.

So this customer decided to buy more plastic formwork for construction in the next few months to meet his demands of 3000 sets villas in the next 2 years.

After got TECON’s user manual and shop drawing, site workers think it is much easier than traditional ones, and since Indonesia rains a lot, ABS is totally waterproof, it is really a good choice for this kind of villa construct in Indonesia.

The most important thing is that if you need any help on-site supervision, TECON will always on your site.

TECON plastic formwork in Indonisia

TECON plastic formwork in Indonisia

TECON plastic formwork in Indonisia

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