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What Are the Precautions for Designing Bridge Formwork?

Ⅰ. Problems that must be paid attention to in the design process of bridge formwork

1. The design of bridge formwork should meet the requirements of engineering structure drawings;

2. On the premise of meeting the strength of use, the bridge formwork simplifies the design and achieves a reasonable structural design;

3. The block design of the bridge formwork should take into account the ease of use of the construction site, that is to say, a good formwork is easy to remove the formwork;

4. The design of bridge formwork should take into account the craftsmanship of processing;

5. The bridge formwork design should take into account the transportation problem;

6. Matters needing attention in the actual computer drawing process.

Rotate the bolt lead screw to make the cylinder mold in line, and install the back reinforcement purlin and wall bolts. Note that the connection of the construction joint template must be tight, firm and reliable to avoid misplacement and slurry leakage.

Ⅱ. Cleaning of bridge formwork

The base material of the bridge formwork must be dry. Before use, it should be treated to remove floating dust and oil to improve the adhesion of the formwork paint to the base material. The formwork paint should not be applied too thickly. Flow phenomenon, the dosage is generally 20 square meters / kg.

The bridge formwork paint is painted on the formwork, usually 20 to 30 minutes to dry, and the surface is smooth and smooth, avoiding dust pollution. The formwork paint needs to be dry before pouring concrete.

After the second demoulding, simply clean the formwork and it can be used for demoulding again. After demoulding for 3-6 times, if the paint film falls off and cannot meet the requirement of demoulding again, the old paint film must be removed before repainting. To remove the old paint film, an angle grinder can be used or a matching tool can be used. Precautions for the construction of paint remover The formwork release agent container should not be in contact with water, acid, alkali and alcohol to avoid solidification.

The release agent of the bridge shuttering should be sealed and stored to prevent water seepage and air leakage. The used paint should not be combined with the unused paint to avoid deterioration and solidification. The formwork release agent film should not be showered with rain before it dries. The bridge formwork is a model for newly poured concrete. The formwork system consists of formwork, supports and fasteners. The mould for forming concrete structures or reinforced concrete structures consists of panels and support systems.

Commonly used bridge formwork includes wooden formwork, stereotyped combined formwork, large tool-type large formwork, climbing formwork, sliding formwork, tunnel formwork, table formwork (flying formwork, table formwork), etc.

The formwork is divided into: steel formwork, bamboo plywood, wood formwork, plastic board. Bamboo plywood is generally disposable, while other formwork can be painted with release agent and formwork paint, so as to prolong the life of the formwork and pour out high-quality piers. It is required that the bridge formwork can ensure that the shape and size of the structure and components are accurate; it has sufficient strength, stiffness and stability; it is easy to assemble and disassemble and can be used multiple times; the joints are tight and do not leak grout.