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What Are the Requirements for Aluminum Alloy Formwork Construction?

  • Aluminum formwork opening needs to be accurate, without punching deviation or missing punching.

  • For aluminum formworks that are free from splicing, the following requirements must be met: accurate mold matching design to avoid on-site installation and modification of mold design, and to extend the time for assembling and repairing plates.

  • Aluminum formwork production is accurate, without wrong plates or missing plates, reducing the need for repairing and finishing.

  • The stress condition of the aluminum formwork needs to meet the requirements of construction, and the support system complies with safety regulations, achieving the requirements of civilized construction.

  • If conditions permit, the manufacturer of the aluminum formwork can consider producing tension wire hole punching, drip installation, and groove-pressing installation in-house (if not possible, it can solve the tension wire hole punching and wall and column groove-pressing).

  • The packaging of aluminum formworks must be accurate, with clear package numbers, and the package should reflect the requirements of column numbers, beam numbers, and plate numbers according to the drawing numbers. This facilitates accurate lifting of materials. A clear list of the formworks' packaging must be provided when the formworks arrive on site, recording details of the formwork packaging.

  • When recycling old formworks for secondary matching, attention should be paid to controlling the deformation and disengagement of the aluminum formworks and making necessary improvements if necessary.

  • When the design of the aluminum formwork meets the requirements of wall plastering, it is recommended that the outer wall structure is designed as a reinforced concrete shear wall. After waterproof treatment of the bolt holes, subsequent construction processes can be performed. Due to the needs of the wall decoration material, thin plaster can also be used for the outer wall. Internal insulation should be used as much as possible for heat preservation.

  • When recycling the formworks for secondary matching, differentiate the pull patch system, screw system, and formwork series.

  • When designing and matching the aluminum formwork system, if steel pipe scaffolding is used outside the project, the general contractor must provide an accurate external scaffold plan, which needs to reflect the layout of steel beams, the release of steel wire ropes, and the pre-buried plans for connecting wall rods. If it does not meet the requirements of aluminum formwork construction, communication should be made in advance to solve the problem.

  • When there are too many changes in floor levels that are not conducive to the configuration and construction of the aluminum formworks, if possible, the general contractor can be asked to change the requirements in advance.

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