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What Are the Requirements for High-quality Building Formwork to Meet?

When a new construction project begins implementation, selecting a good building formwork is crucial, as a good formwork can provide the required quality and value for the construction site. Therefore, it is a critical task to choose a building formwork. Hence, we have summarized some requirements that apply to most building formworks.

The solidness of the building formwork

The building formwork needs to be sufficiently solid because it needs to withstand live loads and dead loads. If the building formwork is not solid enough, it will have a significant impact on the formation of concrete. Therefore, try not to use building formworks that are not solid enough.

The strength of the building formwork

In addition to being solid, the building formwork also needs to have enough strength to withstand a wide range of loads. On the other hand, building formworks also require vertical and horizontal support, which is the best way to ensure the repeated use of building formworks while maintaining their shape.

The joints of the building formwork

The tightness of the joints of the building formwork is crucial for the formation and function of concrete. Excellent building formworks will not have problems such as slurry leakage as long as they are used properly, so this is also an aspect worth paying attention to.

The ease of installation and removal of the building formwork

In most cases, construction parties hope that the building formwork can be removed without damaging the formed concrete wall surface. Therefore, the convenience of installing and removing building formworks is particularly important. For example, formworks plastics, such as plastic building formworks, can be demolded without the use of a demolding agent, thus reducing construction time and improving efficiency.

The turnover of the building formwork

During the project construction process, the turnover of the building formwork not only affects the overall cost of the project but also affects the construction period. Building formworks with higher turnover rates are more convenient for formwork, which can be used directly from the bottom to the top. Building formworks with lower turnover rates may require repeated purchase and formwork, which can generate a large amount of construction waste.

The simplicity of the building formwork

The simplicity of building formworks is also an important factor to consider when choosing a formwork. After several years of development, today's building formworks are both strong and easy to use. In the past, steel formworks required the use of cranes to assist in construction, while now plastic building formworks are easy to move by workers at any time.

High-quality building formworks need to meet many requirements. Therefore, when we choose building formworks, we should not only consider the quality of the formworks but also understand the market price. Do not be blinded by the low price, as no one will sell a product below the cost price.

With the professional knowledge of TECON's research and development team from our formwork company, we will provide you with assistance on-site when necessary, and know that our solutions are always cost-effective. You can rest assured that from the first contact to the completion of construction, we are always there to support you. Welcome to inquire.