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What Are the Ways to Distinguish the Quality of the Building Column Timber Formwork?

1. The column timber formwork identification glue species

At present, there are mainly three kinds of glues for building column timber formwork on the market, namely phenolic glue, melamine glue and urea-formaldehyde glue. The three types of glue are different in stability, and the odor and irritatingness increase in turn. However, some merchants use melamine glue to pretend to be phenolic glue, and use urea glue to pretend to be melamine glue for sale. Therefore, it is recommended to directly deal with larger-scale businesses when choosing building templates.

2. Look at the density of the column timber formwork and weigh the weight

Generally speaking, if the column timber formwork of the same specification is heavy, the density of the formwork is relatively high, the pressure during the production process is relatively large, the selected material has high hardness, and the gluing strength of the column timber formwork is relatively high. Good stiffness.

3. Whether the column timber formwork is dried

After drying, the column timber formwork has stable bonding strength because of the balanced moisture content. The cross-section of the dried column timber formwork is relatively rough and the color is whitish; while the cross-section of the column timber formwork that has not been dried is relatively smooth.

4. Poaching of column timber formwork

To cook with boiling water, it is necessary to compare the column timber formwork of different manufacturers with the same process under the same conditions. Generally speaking, the building column timber formwork of well-known brand manufacturers is no problem to boil for more than 8 hours, and some are good. The brand's phenolic glue can be boiled for more than 24 hours, and then see if there is any splitting and degumming.

5. Practical use of column timber formwork

If you are a column timber formwork manufacturer, it is recommended to pay attention to your own use effect while listening to the introduction of the merchant, and give feedback to the manufacturer in time, which can not only shorten the distance between you and the manufacturer, but also truly feedback the application situation to the manufacturer.

When identifying the quality of column timber formwork, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the above five elements, and at the same time, it is necessary to combine the manufacturer and brand of the column timber formwork.

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