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What is the Building Formwork?

Building formworks are a common material in construction and are a type of temporary support structure used in construction. There are many types of building formworks, such as wooden formworks, clear water formworks, steel formworks, and aluminum alloy formworks, with these four being the most common.

Concept of building formwork

Building formworks are a type of temporary support structure commonly found on construction sites. The purpose of building formworks, including different types of formwork in building construction, is to ensure that the concrete components and structures in the building are fixed in the appropriate position and shape and can withstand a certain amount of internal and external pressure. Therefore, the stability and compressive strength of building formworks must be strong. In addition, building formworks are easy to assemble and disassemble and can be recycled multiple times.

Classification of building formwork

Wooden building formwork


Wooden building formworks are a commonly used type of building formwork. They are lightweight and easy to transport and assemble, making them highly versatile.

Clear water building formwork

Clear water building formworks do not require demoulding agents, and the resulting concrete is smooth and does not require secondary plastering, thus shortening the construction period. Clear water building formworks also have the advantage of being water-resistant without swelling or deforming in the summer, and not warping or cracking in the winter. They can be cast and sawed freely and can be combined in various ways.

Steel building formwork

Steel building formworksare easy to handle and have a high level of versatility. They can be reused many times and offer strong structural stability and strength.

Aluminum alloy building formwork

Aluminum alloy building formworks are easy to assemble and offer strong structural stability and compressive strength. They can be freely combined according to various shape requirements, and the combination is simple, leading to a high number of repeatable recyclings.

That is a comprehensive introduction to building formworks. To ensure the quality of concrete, speed up construction progress, and reduce costs, building formworks are needed for structures such as bridges or high-rise buildings.

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