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Why is Scaffolding Prone to Collapse?

Scaffolding is easy to cause casualties in various constructions. Why do such accidents happen frequently? According to statistics, the phenomenon of non-standard scaffolding at some construction sites is still common, which has led to the repeated occurrence of scaffolding collapses. Specifically, there are following situations:

1. The raw materials of scaffolding do not meet the requirements, and the necessary inspections and tests are not performed before use.

There are clear rules for the materials and standards of scaffolding. Before the scaffolding is erected, it is necessary to inspect and test the steel pipe, fastener, base and steel (wood) scaffolding board outside the site. The scaffolding can be transported to the construction site for use only after it is recognized as qualified. For various reasons, contractors often seek economic benefits, so that a lot of non-conforming materials scaffold framework accessories into the construction site, which also leads to the collapse of scaffolding.

2. The construction unit is short of resources.


The construction unit does not have scaffolding operation qualification certificate. The construction workers did not pass the scaffold qualification examination and training. They were employed without a certificate. And they had poor safety awareness, operated against rules and regulations, and lacked knowledge of scaffold safety. The construction of the project is based on personal experience, so it is inevitable that there will be hidden dangers, violations of operating rules, technical standards and other problems, and even cause scaffolding collapse and casualties.

3. Scaffolding manufacturers are not well managed.

The construction management unit failed to observe and supervise the scaffolding construction as well as the safety of the construction site. In the case of scaffold collapse and casualty accidents, most of the scaffolding manufacturers violated technical standards and operating specifications. However, the leaders, handling personnel, skilled personnel, guardians, safety officers and inspectors of the construction site failed to find the existing problems and hidden dangers in time during the review of construction qualification, approval of construction plan, regular safety inspection and ordinary inspection, or failed to timely rectify and correct the problems and hidden dangers after they were found.

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