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Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Formwork

The aluminum alloy formwork is relatively light in weight among the existing metal formwork, and can be moved, installed, disassembled and transmitted by a single person at will, and the workers of the aluminium formwork manufacturer can easily assemble it. Each formwork and component are in the same position on each floor, and workers can master the construction technology in a short period of time after simple training. And the installation and disassembly process only requires manpower. No need for other machinery, simple operation and convenient construction.

1. The construction of aluminium formwork manufacturers is safe and eliminates hidden dangers such as fire

The aluminum alloy formwork and support system adopts an integrated design and undergoes complete calculations and tests. The load reaches 60KN/㎡, which eliminates the hidden safety hazards caused by materials and human construction factors in the traditional formwork support method to the greatest extent. The materials of the aluminum alloy formwork system are all metal materials, which are not easy to burn, prevent the occurrence of fire accidents, and effectively protect the safety of construction workers.

2. The turnover times of the aluminum alloy formwork are many and the economy is good.

The aluminum alloy formwork and support system adopts a set of formwork system, which can be reused in subsequent new buildings after a little improvement, so as to obtain a long-term low formwork apportionment cost, and the waste of the aluminum alloy formwork can be recycled.

3. Aluminium formwork manufacturers have high construction quality and stable performance

The level and verticality of the aluminum alloy formwork can be well guaranteed, and the formwork itself does not absorb water, and the concrete molding quality is high, so there is no need for expensive and long plastering work, and the tiles can also be directly pasted on the inside and outside walls.

In addition, the aluminum alloy formwork system is manufactured according to the computer software and machinery of the architectural drawing, so the precision of the completed building is high, especially the position and size of doors and windows, water and electricity equipment are accurate, which can effectively reduce the later construction. Consumption of building materials and cost savings.

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