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Analysis of Bridge Formwork Support Preload Time and Hazard Sources During Construction

1. Support preload time of bridge formwork

The bridge formwork is suitable for construction-restricted sites such as crossing deep valleys, deep water and rapids, highway and railway interchanges, scenic spots, and nature reserves. Bridge swivel construction relies on the structure itself to rotate in place, without hoisting equipment, and can save support wood or steel. The following is an introduction to the support preloading time of the bridge formwork.

As one of the types of formwork, the bridge formwork is especially suitable for the construction of cast-in-place fair-faced concrete projects, and the surface is smooth after use. Its surface is dense, smooth and easy to come off the concrete surface, wear-resistant and crack-resistant, no layer. It also has strong resistance to common acidic compounds.

The design requirements generally take about 7 days. The main control indicators are the cumulative total settlement of the stent and the single-day settlement. If the single-day settlement is basically stable and shows a convergence trend, the stent can be considered stable.

The specific preloading time can be advanced or extended according to the conditions of the foundation and the development of settlement. The actual control index is generally controlled by the settlement of the support. The general design of specific projects will give more specific control indicators in the drawings.

2. Dangerous sources during the construction of bridge formwork

The construction of bridge formwork can be described as a high-risk job, and the danger is uncertain, which requires careful observation and analysis, reasonable layout, and preventive measures. Only on-site inspection can be carried out, potential dangers can be eliminated one by one, and a reasonable modification plan can be formulated.

So in order to be safe, you should stay away from some dangerous sources. How much do you know about the three major sources of danger to be avoided in bridge formwork construction?

Personal injury caused by the operator above the formwork due to improper safety measures (such as not wearing a seat belt) or a fall from a height due to insufficient temporary safety measures. The operator under the bridge formwork suffered personal injury caused by the falling object from a high place above the formwork.

The collapse of bridge formwork due to weak assembly or unstable foundation causes injury or loss to persons or machinery.

In the types of concrete form systems, pay attention to the collapse of the formwork caused by the large volume of concrete, or the collapse of the formwork caused by the premature removal of the formwork; in addition, pay attention to the protective grounding measures for some mechanical equipment and electrical equipment.

General safety measures: To implement the safety responsibility system, set up full-time safety officers, formulate on-site safety management regulations, strictly follow the operating procedures, increase supervision, do a good job in safety technical disclosure, strengthen safety education for workers, and formulate safety plans, report the accident in time.