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Are There Defects in Aluminum Alloy Formwork in Construction Projects?

What are the possible defects of aluminum alloy formwork used in construction projects? The aluminum alloy template is made of aluminum alloy material, which has lower density and lighter weight. What are the shortcomings of the application of aluminum alloy formwork in construction? Let's take a look with you all.

1. The initial one-time investment of aluminum alloy formwork is relatively large

The unit price per square meter of aluminium formwork is relatively high, and the one-time investment in the early stage is relatively large. Construction aluminium formwork manufacturers suggest that management should be strengthened in the process, especially aluminum alloy formwork standard plates, support rods, etc. should be recycled and maintained so that they can be used in the next construction site.

2. The process of aluminum alloy formwork is relatively new, and the skills of operators are uneven

The aluminum alloy formwork is a new material and new technology, the operator is relatively small, and the construction technology is uneven. The corresponding reserved holes have been considered in the deepening design of the aluminium formwork, which is uniformly numbered after trial assembly in the factory. The assembly is simple and convenient, and the positioning of the aluminum alloy formwork is accurate. The efficiency of aluminum alloy formwork installation is improved.

3. The appearance of the first three walls of the aluminum alloy formwork is not good

Since the aluminum alloy formwork forms a whole after the assembly is completed, it is not easy to breathe. During the pouring process, the aluminum alloy formwork and the concrete have a chemical reaction. cause peeling, etc.

4. The on-site design change of the aluminum alloy formwork should not be too large

In the design of aluminum alloy formwork, the structural drawings and architectural drawings that need to be constructed must be very accurate, so the technical work of the project is required to be high, and it is necessary to make changes in drawings before construction and joint review of drawings in advance.

After the aluminium formwork is processed, it is basically impossible to modify it on-site installation. If there is a design change or modification, it is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer in advance.

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