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Do You Know Aluminum Alloy Formwork, a New Type of Building Material?

1. Construction system of aluminum alloy formwork

The aluminum alloy formwork building system, as the name suggests, is mainly made of high-strength aluminum alloy. It bears various halos with strong bearing capacity and light weight. This function can be used repeatedly, which also greatly reduces the construction industry's impact on forests. The plundering and waste of resources.

Both in terms of construction equipment and construction technology can be integrated into one. As the pillar industry of most countries, the construction industry has played a great role in promoting the development of the national economy, and has also played a particularly important role in our social civilization.

For a long time, most of the building materials used in many construction industries are mainly wood or steel. With the introduction of the "green building concept" in recent years, many people have begun to use aluminum alloy formwork systems as a At present, one of the main building materials for construction, the trend of replacing steel with aluminum is changing on a large scale, and has also achieved breakthrough development. The aluminum alloy building materials used in "green buildings" are increasingly favored by the construction industry.

Compared with traditional steel formwork or wooden formwork, the average cost of aluminum alloy formwork is lower. The more times it is reused, the greater the cost savings, and it is quite convenient in construction.

It greatly improves the work efficiency of workers and shortens the construction time required for the project. The simplicity of assembly leads to manual assembly almost by hand, and the operation can be completed without the assistance of any mechanical equipment.

2. The application and development of aluminum alloy formwork system

As a new type of formwork system, aluminum alloy formwork system has been applied for nearly 50 years since it was born in the United States in 1962.

It has been widely used in the buildings of developed countries such as the United States and Canada, as well as newly industrialized countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, and India.

The aluminium formwork system is made of integrally extruded aluminum profiles, which is a new generation of green construction technology. field. The whole system has a high degree of standardization, light weight, strong bearing capacity, high matching accuracy, convenient disassembly and assembly, large board surface, less seams, good stability, long service life of the template, many turnover times, recyclable use, good economic benefits, High recycling value and clean construction site.

Aluminium formwork manufacturers do not need mechanical equipment during the construction process, the construction period is short, there is no construction waste and noise pollution, the surface is smooth and smooth after the concrete pouring is completed, and it conforms to the national low-carbon emission reduction. The products are mainly sold in developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

Aluminum alloy formwork is not unfamiliar to foreign construction work. As early as the 1990s, dozens of countries around the world, such as the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Dubai, Malaysia, and Singapore, have been widely promoted and used, and obtained Considerable economic and social benefits.